• External Financial Audit.
  • Operational Audit.
  • Information Technology Audit .
  • Forensic Audit.
  • Public sector Budgetary Audit.
  • Risk Audit.
  • Compliance audit.

External Financial Audit

Based on our methodology and approach of financial audit, our customers are guaranteed to obtain a quality service and a reliable result from our audit process.

In order to realize the audit and to improve time, we count on computer systems specially designed for the execution of our service, such as SPT Audit and ACL.

In addition to delivering a report on the audited financial information, we supply a management letter with information on the work done and the identified opportunities to improve internal control and control risks, which is an added value in our service.

We bristle with professionals who are up-to-date on the subject of international financial reporting standards, international audit standards, and accounting regulations at both national and international scale.

Operational audit

Bajo nuestro enfoque de auditoría operativa presentamos un resultado acerca de aspectos administrativos, estratégicos y operativos de nuestros clientes, con lo que medimos la efectividad, eficiencia y economía con los cuales se realizan las actividades en la empresa.

Contamos con servicios de auditoría operativa integral para toda la organización, departamentos o bien procedimientos específicos, que se llevan a cabo; evaluamos sus controles y desempeño.

Forensic Audit

This service uses audit techniques to investigate, determine and quantify potential existing frauds and crimes committed against the development of public and private functions by officials or others, against the entity’s frame of reference. This process allows to investigate, analyze, interpret, and compile financial accounting information. Based on this process, it also allows to present evidence before judicial authorities or to determine the feasibility of establishing claims against the perpetrators of the fraud.

Forensic audit objectives:

  • Determine fraud situations.
  • Collection of expert evidence for the use of litigation.
  • Evaluation of internal control systems.
  • Implementation of recommendations and advice, through the implementation of activities to strengthen internal control in the company, to minimize the risk of fraud.
  • Participate in the design and creation of fraud prevention programs.

Budgetary Audit

The aim of this audit is to issue an objective opinion on the observance level of internal policies and methodologies established in public institutions. This audit also presents an objective opinion on compliance with the relevant technical and juridical standards and on the reasonability of the results reported in Budget Liquidation Reports.

This has its origins in the promulgation of the Technical Standards on Public Budget (N-1-2012-DC-DFOE).

Risk Audit

This process corresponds to the annual external audit study of the Comprehensive Risk Management. It expresses an opinion on the effectiveness, opportunity and adequacy of the Comprehensive Risk Management process implemented by the regulated entities of CONASSIF, in accordance with the provisions of the SUGEF 2-10 agreement "Regulation on integrated risk management".

Compliance Audit

This process corresponds to the assessment of annual compliance by regulated entities and other subjects to this study, of the provisions in Law N° 8204 on narcotics, psychotropic substances, unauthorized drugs, related activities, laundering of capital and financing of terrorism. Its rules and standards of procedure were laid down by CONASSIF, in the SUGEF 12-10 agreement more specifically. We also carry out a compliance audit of the following regulations:

  • SUGEF 22-18 (Regulation on the suitability of members of Direction and senior management of financial institutions).
  • Review of the annual self-evaluation and external quality evaluation of the internal audits of the Public Sector (D-2-2008-CO-DFOE).
  • Evaluation of the General Guidelines on ethical principles and statements in the public sector.
  • Audit on the risk of fraud in the public sector.

Assurance Engagements other than audits or reviews of historical financial information, agreed procedures and other review procedures considered in the International Quality Control, Auditing, Review, other Assurance, and Related Services Pronouncements.

This corresponds to other cases of agreed procedures and of limited security that require the work of an authorized public accountant, among others:

  • Certifications of accounts or items of financial statements.
  • Certifications of Intermediate Financial Statements.
  • Reviews and certification of compliance of the Liquidity Reserves.
  • Certifications for financial reasons.
  • Economic interest group membership certifications.