Information Technology Audit & Consulting

Through an objective and independent evaluation, by trained people, we can help you:

  • Verify compliance with the procedures, guidelines, policies, regulations and internal regulations regarding the management and governance of Information Technologies.
  • Evaluate the impact of the risks of information technologies in the operation of the evaluated entities.
  • Know and evaluate the degree of implementation of reference frameworks for control and supervision of technologies such as Cobit, MICITT, SUGEF and others.
  • Achieve efficiency in the acquisition and use of computing resources.
  • Assessment of information security and cybersecurity.
  • Improve the effectiveness of controls in information systems.

To achieve the above points, we offer you database analysis, information systems assessment, advice and implementation of good technological practices, review according to the guidelines established in the SUGEF 14-17 agreement (General Information Technology Management Regulations). ), review of compliance with the guidelines issued by the MICITT, the Information Technology Control Objectives (COBIT) issued by the "Information Systems Audit and Control Association" (ISACA), analysis , assessment and management of technological risks, internal audit service in T.I.