The service of counting or physical verification of fixed assets and inventories is based on the identification of the inventory of movable and immovable property of the organizations and its inventories, which consists of physically verifying the assets, to verify the real existence, as well as their actual state.

This service allows to improve, verify or implement controls to guarantee the integrity of your physical assets, and therefore of the financial information in your financial statements. The work is carried out through the application of procedures for verifying the registration information and updating it, considering the description of the physical, technical, cost, location, status and assignment of those responsible for them, in order to achieve optimization and use of resources and information according to the needs of the entity.

Likewise, this service contributes with the adequate administration of the company's assets, by controlling the useful life, depreciation and revaluation, impairment and physical location in the organization's facilities. It also contributes to the proper application of the measurement requirements established in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), by helping to determine the existence of obsolescence, deterioration or revaluation.


  • Comparison of the auxiliary registry of assets with the financial statements and filtering of the auxiliary registry with the economic reality of the assets.
  • Physical identification of the goods.
  • Assignment of identification plates to the goods.
  • Allocation of assets by location and responsible.
  • Allocation of goods by type.
  • Determination of the need to apply revaluation adjustments (asset valuations) or impairment thereof.