Our work team is committed to the success of our clients, offering tax solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. We work diligently and professionally to ensure that our clients comply with all their tax obligations and minimize their tax burden legally and ethically.

  • Compliance with Tax Obligations: We provide advice and assistance in the preparation of tax returns, tax compliance and presentation of sworn statements. I can also help resolve any tax compliance issues that may arise.
  • Tax Review: We review your tax returns to ensure that all applicable tax rules and regulations are met. We can also help prepare supporting documentation and work with tax authorities to resolve any DGT tax review issues.
  • Tax Planning: We analyze your current tax situation and look for ways to optimize your tax burden by identifying tax deductions, incentives and other tax opportunities that may be available.
  • General Tax Consulting: We provide advice and assistance on a wide range of tax issues, including business structuring, succession planning and tax advice on business transactions.
  • International Tax Advice: If you have international business operations, we can provide advice and assistance on international tax matters, including international tax planning and tax compliance.
  • International Tax Planning: We help companies structure their international business operations efficiently from a tax point of view, by identifying tax opportunities and minimizing exposure to tax risks.
  • Analysis of Double Taxation Treaties: We evaluate the impact of double taxation treaties between different countries on the commercial operations of companies and advise on methods to minimize double taxation and maximize tax efficiency.
  • Tax Advice on Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: We help companies plan and execute cross-border mergers and acquisitions transactions efficiently from a tax point of view, by identifying tax opportunities and minimizing exposure to tax risks. .
  • Transfer Pricing Advice: We provide accompaniment and support in everything related to transactions that exist between companies of the same group, from compliance with the declaration and preparation of supporting documentation, to advice and guidance to determine in due time the prices or profit margins that must exist in transactions carried out between related companies.

Our team is trained at a technical level by one of the main centers specialized in Transfer Pricing such as CIAT and has the technical bases provided by the OECD.

Our service focuses on meeting the needs of each client, we not only focus on compliance, but we also identify in which areas it is necessary to intervene so that they can be sure that the groups operate efficiently and effectively, always taking care of the transfer pricing tax requirements.

Regarding transfer pricing services, we can offer:

  • Transfer Pricing Risk Analysis: Assess the risk that transactions between related companies do not comply with applicable tax regulations and recommend transfer pricing policies that minimize the risk of tax adjustments and sanctions.
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation: Prepare the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with applicable tax regulations in relation to transactions between related companies.
  • Comparability Analysis: Evaluate the comparability of transactions between related companies with comparable transactions between unrelated companies to determine if transfer prices are in line with market prices.